have a lovely timeMrs Sawyer saira

Have a really nice time i will miss you & please come back one day.Can you tell us if your baby is a boy or girl when you get it?My mum thinks its a boy and tell us whats its called.I cant wait to see you when you come back!Your a very good teacher we all like you as a teacher.Can we see the baby too? Have a great time:)!

From saira

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  1.   Mrs Sawyer on February 13th, 2014          Reply

    Hi Saira,
    Thank you for your lovely message. My new baby daughter is called Francesca and she is very beautiful. She is 3 weeks old now. I will bring her in to meet you all one day soon. I hope you are well and working hard as ever, I am sure you are. Enjoy your half term holidays. See you soon.
    Mrs Sawyer 🙂

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