Superhero dance!

Fire Station

Trips to Withington Fire Station 1 on PhotoPeach

Fire Station

Trips to Withington Fire Station 2 on PhotoPeach

Fire Station

Trips to Withington Fire Station 3 on PhotoPeach

have a lovely timeMrs Sawyer saira

Have a really nice time i will miss you & please come back one day.Can you tell us if your baby is a boy or girl when you get it?My mum thinks its a boy and tell us whats its called.I cant wait to see you when you come back!Your a very good teacher we all like you as a teacher.Can we see the baby too? Have a great time:)!

From saira

why are super heroes so super ? by baraa

Super heroes are so super because they have super powers to fight enemy’s, like Superman,Batman,Spiderman ,iron man and captain america. super heroes practice allot to  win battles.Sometimes they lose battles, but at the end they win.Super heroes wear capes some don’t and they wear masks.

what i got for Christmas by Ellie -may

what I got for Christmas.

  1. Tablet
  2. One direction harry styles doll
  3. One direction tickets
  4. Designer doll
  5. Hair chork
  6. daddy I am a zonbie
  7. One direction DVD the only way is up
  8. Jaqualine Wilson  diamond
  9.  Boots with diamonds on the side
  10. Madonna perfume

All about my Christmas!By Nicole=)

Dear Mrs.Sawyer, I had a wonderful Christmas.Did you and Dan have a wonderful Christmas as well?I got lots of wonderful stuff for Christmas.I got a twin buggy with twin boy and girl and I got a camera and lots of other bits and bobs. Are you having a boy or a girl?I think your having a girl.what name have you picked for your baa by?Good look on your new baby!

The Chocolate Challenge. Coca Bean To Chocolate Bar.

Coca beans are mostly found in South America.
First the beans are picked from the coca plant, and then the beans are taken to the coca plant to be washed and milled.

The beans are milled and dried to remove the skin, and to brake them into nibs. The beans are then pressed to remove the oil, which is called Coca Butter.

When the oil has been squeezed out, a dry power is left called Coca Powder. It is this powder that goes into all chocolate bars around the world.

Check out my link… Zac.

All you need to know about chocolate!

How is chocolate made?

Did you know that chocolate is made from cocoa beans? People go to Central America, Africa and Nigeria to collect the cocoa beans. After they have gathered the beans they take them to a factory, and the cocoa beans go through lots of different machines. At they end they add different ingredients to make it in  to liquid chocolate and put it in a mould.

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